Yesterday in Napa

Icon Boy and I went to Napa yesterday for a little wine tasting. Randomly picked a few wineries. First stop was Luna where I picked up a couple bottles of chardonnay. Our host there, suggested a little winery up the road called Hartwell Vineyards. Selected a wonderful bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Sadly most of the wines, as fabulous as they are, were out of my price range. I was also trying to buy whites since I don’t have any for summer and I can get away with drinking them now instead of later.

Third stop was at Rutherford Hill, mainly for the tour of the caves, which I think is pretty cool. And last, but never least, was a stop at Mumm for some sparkling wine, specifically the Sparkling Pinot Noir. If you aren’t a big fan of sparkling wine, but like red wine, then I highly recommend trying their sparkling red. It is fantastic! We had a taste of two of their library wines, the DVX Rosé and the Blanc de Blancs. They were both very nice, but I’m still a huge fan of the Sparkling Pinot Noir.

That was all before dinner at Suppenkuche and a party in the Castro. It was a long, but fabulous, day!


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