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In the 100˚ weather, Myrtle and I drove up past Calistoga, to the family ranch of a friend. There, I had to drive Myrtle down a ranch road, past a vineyard, and over a small creek.

This got me to a reservoir in the shadow of Mount Saint Helena, which is a mountain made of volcanic rock, but is not itself a volcano. This was temporarily debated as we know that Calistoga is known for it hot springs, and thus there must be lava fields.

The reservoir is used to help irrigate the vineyards, which are run by a large local winery. This was also the reason why I had to leave eventually. I really had to pee. I couldn’t pee in the water, and there weren’t much for bushes around. But there was a gas station seven miles away. Funny, but when you have to pee, that is really all you can think about. That, and it was going to take 2 1/2 hours to get home and the sun was setting soon, and you all know how much I love my sleep. But I digress.

It was a wonderful afternoon of swimming and boating out to the dock. It made the 100˚ weather actually bearable. I spent most of the afternoon floating about in the water staying cool. We also managed to get some snacks out to the float, including a bottle of wine made from the grapes on the property. We were lacking glasses, so we used the Mike’s Hard Lemonade bottles that we had consumed earlier.

Met a bunch of cool people. Got more exercise than I would have staying at home. And drove back to Berkeley with the top down before it got too cold. Amazing how cold 67˚ is when you’ve been in 100˚ and direct sun all day. Thank goodness for the two applications of sunscreen I used. I think I came out mostly unscathed!

I didn’t take many photos, but there are a couple more in My Gallery.

Overall, it was an absolutely fabulous day!