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I found God!

And he needs YOUR help!! Actually, his friend needs our help! And I need help getting some! You’ll want to read this one. If you don’t, then at least scroll to the bottom where it says, How You Can Help.

I was at BJ’s tonight, having beers with friends, mourning the departure of a friend to grad school. One of the guys had a large…lens on his camera, so of course I had to grab it and take some photos. While I was standing precariously on a chair and a railing, trying to get everyone’s attention, the table beside us beckoned me to photograph them. So I played paparazzi and told them to strike a pose.

As I was getting down from the chair, one of the guys at the paparazzi table said that his badge number is lower than mine. I told him I couldn’t believe he was looking at my badge! Who does that? Who looks at a girl’s badge and tells her that her number is large! WTF!?!

Then one of Badge Boy’s friends said the magic words. CowPuppy Ranch. I was shocked. He repeated it. And told his friends that I am K. I couldn’t believe it! The other day I had been thinking that the world will be sad when I forget to introduce myself using my real name and just tell people that I’m K. And here was this guy, who I didn’t know, recognizing me at beer thirty because he reads my blog. Then he introduced himself.

I’m God.

Holy shit! You’ve got to be kidding me! I met God today! If you recall, almost a year ago, I emailed God. And then, after not hearing from him for months, he emailed me on my birthday.

So now I know who God is. And God has a friend. Badge Boy, who is applying for the Murphy-Goode job blogging about wine for $10k a month plus accommodations. And this is where he needs our help! And where I need your help!

Kevin Stephens has managed to work his way up from the bottom of the pack to the top 50, but he wants to be #1. We agreed that if I can get him to #1, then I can get some! So help a girl out and vote him into this job! God help me!

How You Can Help

Step 1: Watch The Video
Step 2: Vote by entering your email address. Note that you will not get spammed. God promised me that he and his friends have all voted and not been spammed.
Step 3: Click on the link in the email that you get. This is IMPORTANT or your vote won’t count!
Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 with as many email addresses as you have.
Step 5: Send this link to your friends and help a girl out!

You only have 24 hours from the time of this post. It ends at midnight on June 19, 2009. Go!


My [redacted] hurts

You know, that spot on my inner thighs after I ride my bike for fifteen miles. Awesome Pants and I went to my favorite trail today to get some sun after a week of SF weather. (I don't know how you SF people survive other than that you come down to the nice weather five days a week.)

So now I'm a little sore, but a good sore. I need more exercise!

In the photo, you can't really see it, but the sign way up the pole has two arrows directing pigeons to one side of the pole and cormorants to the other side. I'm certain they always follow the sign!

Wine tasting. Again.

So my favorite thing to do when people visit from out of town is to go wine tasting in the Santa Cruz mountains. First we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Boulder Creek. Then a stop at Loma Prieta to pick up my wine shipment. Finishing at Burrell School. What better way to relax after a week in the city?

Princess party

OMG! I had a great day today hanging out with Princess Strike-A-Pose, aka Princess Poser. For those of you who missed March, I met Princess Poser at the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Today we relived what an awesome trip it was! And reminded ourselves about how we are all princesses!

PP and I went to the Sunnyvale Art and Wine festival where we drank beer a little too early in the day and purchased random trinkets. I am now the proud owner of a bonsai tree with pink flowers. Question is if I can keep it alive?!

We picked up Perl and went to Fort Funston. Turned out to be a gorgeous day for walking on the beach. Made up for the cheese steaks and garlic fries by climbing sand dunes. And now Perl is passed out!

Thanks for coming to visit, Princess Poser!

Hair porn results

Here it is. The new me.

Another episode of Hair Porn

Wilson has moved two doors down the street to Studio FX. I went to the wrong place first and they said he was gone. I had a moment of fear that I wouldn't have a new haircut for next week. I gave him a call and found his new location.

He asked if I wanted a new style. I said, Sure, I trust you.

Then he started cutting the underlayers. They are so short, it made me really nervous. But I have faith that he has a plan.

Now he is doing color. He decided it would just be one color this time. I said okay. Who am I to say no? I know nothing about hair.

I forgot to take a before picture, but if you start looking back in the blog you can find some recent photos from Napa.

The locks falling in my lap were pretty long…

Tesla Motors

I’m in love.

I sat in one of these today.

It was beautiful. It spooned me. It was almost better than sex.

A friend of mine finally had his delivered after a year and a half.

Does anyone have $101,500 + $19,500 I can borrow?