Errand success!

First stop was the bookstore. She wasn't busy being a 10 am on a Friday morning, so she said she would take a look through all my books. I managed to score $58 in store credit and then spent $33.

Next stop, Goodwill. This was my big win for the day. Before going, I made a list of everything I was bringing and looked up their values. A big box of clothes, some shoes, luggage, a full set of dishes, and leftover books legally nets me $260 in tax deductions.

I then made a pit stop at home to shower now that my heavy lifting was done, and slather on sunscreen since errands must be done with Myrtle's top down.

On to the DMV. It makes me nervous to see old people there who can barely walk. What is their reaction time? I hope when I get to that age that I realize I have to let go of my car. Until then, the DMV took $200. I was just going to get my bank off the title—about time, since I've owned the car for three years—but it seems my registration is due in August, so I paid it now. But they wouldn't give it to me because I need a smog check.

Off to AAA, since I also need to pay my home insurance. However, the insurance side wasn't open, and the smog check people were busy until 3. On to more errands.

I stopped to buy dog food then went to the golf course to pick up my clubs. The Callaway dealer was out, but my clubs were there. A beautiful set of X22 graphite shaft Women's clubs. They are blue and have pretty flowery squiggles on the head. Very girly. :-)

To my surprise, they let me walk out with $900 worth of clubs! By the way, I paid *much* less than that. I can't wait to try them out! I'm so excited! :-)

Before I can go to the driving range, I have to finish my todo list. So I stopped at work to pick up my drycleaning and then on to the recycling center to get rid of the busted recieved that I've been carrying around in my trunk for a month or two. I was amazed at everything going on there. Lots of recycling, gigantic bricks of crushed aluminum. A big SMARTStation for separating trash. It gives me hope that things are going to the proper places.

I figured I shouldn't leave my new clubs in the car, especially since I haven't even paid for them yet. So I dropped of the clubs, drycleaning and dog food at home and went back to AAA for my smog check.

The smog check was uneventful, although my car feels violated by the probe up her ass.

Back to the DMV where I found an empty nip of Jack Daniels in the parking lot. Seriously, who thinks that is a good idea?

I feel like I'm playing bingo waiting for A042 to be called. I'm thinking of shouting when it does, but I don't. I get my registration sticker and head home.

I have been successful with today's errands. Still a few more things to do, but they involve shopping. And I hate shopping. Let's do math! Or walk the dog and go to a party? Good enough!

Hope you all had a successful day!


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