I have a day off and I'm not travelling. I think the world may have ended. For those of you who are concerned, don't be. I have plenty of trips scheduled for the next six months. You won't be disappointed in my Four Weddings and a Funeral year. And I'm not kidding. Weddings in Mexico (successfully completed without catching the swine flu), Montana, Texas and upstate New York and a funeral in Maine.

Yes, I've had a funeral on my calendar for a couple months now. Frankie was a good family friend. He and his wife, Virgie, ran the rollerskating rink and were a big part of my childhood summers. He lived a good long life, but his last few years were rough. He passed this winter and was creamated. Burying someone in Maine through six feet of frost is a bit difficult, so a plan to celebrate his life was scheduled for the summer when his family could all make the trek north.

One side benefit is that Meme has her best friend back for the summer. I'm looking forward to seeing Virgie in a couple weeks.

But before that, I have an exciting wedding in Montana. And next weekend, Pocket Watch Man is coming to visit! Pocket Watch Man is a friend from London. He and I worked together back in the dark ages before my family knew about the Internet and CD drives were new. He used to test our software by timing it with his pocket watch. So now I have to come up with some crazy stuff to do while he is here.

Before that though, I need to finish cleaning my apartment. I had piles of stuff to go to goodwill on my dining room table. Now my little convertible is filled to the brim. I have a whole list of things to do including dropping books off at the library, going to the DMV to get the bank off the title of my car that I have owned for the last three years, changing my address which I also should have done three years ago, and recycling some old electronics. It should be a busy day, but my goal is to have my place back to normal by the end of the weekend.

So far, I've walked the dog and I'm having a vanilla latte in a coffee shop telling all of you my plans to be productive. I'm currently failing. But the bookstore just opened, so I'm off like a prom dress!


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