Photo shoot

Neighbor S asked if I could take some photos of her for a new profile picture on Facebook. So she and I and my camera went into the backyard this evening, and here are a couple of my favorites. I still need to get better with lighting etc. I don’t have any good flashes or lighting equipment. I do need to learn more about this camera stuff.

These, I consider newspaper shots. The kind that would be used for an article about her. The kind of article about some brilliant PhD who is now running her own company and battling against the world kind of photos.

This would be the one where she is explaining her cure for cancer. Look, how simple. Any fool could have done this. Why I just whipped up the antidote while mixing cocktails.

This one is just funny. I wasn’t looking through the camera when I took it, I was just clicking away. But it made me think of The Buttafly Guide to Interpreting MySpace / Facebook / Friendster Photos. And no, I don’t think it is artistic. Just stupidity on my part.

These two are probably the best for profile pics

These are just some favorites of mine.


Which are your favorites?


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