Round 2 with the new clubs

Played golf this morning with Golf Buddy M and her friend. I would have had a bogey on my first hole if I didn’t count the first bad tee shot that I redid. I made par on the last two holes. The 17th hole is 97 yards, so I was on the green with an 8 iron and then two putted. The 18th hole is 148 yards. I used my 4 iron. It was an amazingly beautiful shot, up in the air, and landing on the green just feet away from the hole as you can see…

Sadly, I two putted again or else this would have been my first birdie. Still waiting for that.

I tried Golf Buddy M’s driver on two holes. It went amazingly straight, but I still need to figure out how to get it to go up in the air and get some distance. At least I didn’t have to go fish any of my new pink balls (to go with my pink bag!) out of the bushes!

This round’s Scorecard results. I’ve found a few bugs with the software, but they said they’d try to fix them soon.

On the last hole, Golf Buddy M told us about being on the course one day when her buddy asked, “Is this the last hole?” She turned around and said, “No, you’re an asshole!” =)

And before I forget, on Tuesday during league, we played with Indian Jimmy. Little did we know that the father of one of our league players is famous on YouTube! As a side note, his name is Indian Jimmy because he rides an Indian Motorcycle as you can see here.


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