Bozeman, MT

Physics Goddess and I have spent the afternoon discovering Montana. First stop was Kmart for some sunscreen, water, shampoo, hair dryer, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Physics Goddess wouldn’t let me get wine coolers. But they seemed so…appropriate.

Then we started driving. Aimlessly.

That was short lived when we realized we could go a really long ways without getting anywhere. We ended up making a big circle around the city. And then we saw a sign for Grizzly Bears. We had to see for ourselves.

Don’t you just want to run up and hug them? There are more of all of these photos in my gallery.

Next we discovered Main Street, Bozeman. After dining at the Montana Ale Works, which I later learned is a must eat kind of place, we found that part of Main Street was closed down for a band and drinking in the street. So we listened to the music and I took a few more pictures.

We were curious about these signs that we saw hanging on businesses:

So I googled it, and came upon an article explaining about a natural gas explosion on Main Street back in March. This also explained a gap in the buildings and another that was very charred on the side.


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