Getting lost in arts and crafts

Physics Goddess and I were invited by the Wellesley Girls to join us at their B&B to do arts & crafts. So we turned on the GPS and headed for the mountains.

I took the wrong road to get out of Bozeman, so the GPS recalculated and sent us down a dirt road. Finally made it to the right road and when the GPS said we were there, there was nothing around. And we had no cell phone service. But I got a lot of great photos of nowhere. And Physics Goddess even took one of me!

Remembering that I had printed out hardcopy of Math Maven & Bird Watcher’s wedding website, we found directions from the B&B to the picnic later today. From that, we used the GPS to find the distance to the first turn they would have to make, and subtracted the distance they would drive to get there, and learned which side of the road they are on. We had gone about 8 miles too far.

On arrival, we found the Wellesley Girls decorating napkins and place mats at this beautiful B&B in the mountains. Here are a couple teaser pictures, but for the whole set, I’ve appended them to my gallery.


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