Pablo still at the specialist

But I’m getting on a plane. I had to decide to be worried here or with my family. The vet told me to go. Mitsy and I did go visit him today, and he does seem better. His temperature still isn’t normal, hanging out at 104, but he actually responded to my touch, he ate a little, and he slept a bit. He will probably be there for a few more days.

The specialist has a nice greeting room with carpet and a couch and chair. As soon as Pablo was oriented and realized the assistant was gone, he sauntered behind the chair and stayed there the whole time. So the vet found me on the floor wedged between the chair and the wall so I could pet my cat.

He is better than yesterday, but someone mentioned that they have seen a couple fatal pneumonia cases lately. That didn’t really make me feel better.

Now the clinic knows that Pablo likes to hide, so they built him a fort in his kennel. He is getting antibiotics and fluids.

On the guilt side, since his pneumonia was caused by something he inhaled, I bought a new vacuum today. I should have done this years ago. I got the top of the line Dyson. It is beautiful. I didn’t want to use it because it was so clean and I knew it would just get dirty. The only problem with it was how many times I had to empty the canister because my carpet was so dirty! The first thing Intern said when he came to drive me to the airport was, “Wow, your carpet is so clean!”

It was an expensive guilt purchase, but cheaper than another episode of pneumonia!

Finally, I just want to thank everyone for your support. I haven’t had time to respond, but I do appreciate all the well wishes. Thank you!


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