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Safely at Logan

The conductor only charged me for the zones I needed today. My pass from yesterday worked and got me on the silver line. The bus had a medley of passengers. A cute bookworm. A midget. And a hot, pierced, touchy-feely lesbian couple that I befriended later at the airport while standing in line. I thought they might be going to SF, but they live here and are going to New Orleans for the weekend.

Now if I can just get in a plane that takes off and lands in California today.


Let me try this again

I’m on the commuter train back to South Station. Didn’t know where to buy tickets, so I don’t have one. Didn’t really sleep. Showered at 4:30 am since I wasn’t sleeping. Know I should eat, but not sure if I can.

Not exactly starting the day off right.

Because that wasn’t enough

Sister-in-law T finally has a new name. Bat Woman. We were just watching He’s Just Not That Into You when I saw a bat flying in the stairwell. Bat Woman took the tennis racket and went after it. I got plastic bags, opened the front door, and held the cat. It was tough because one swing took it down, but then it was moving under the racket. Bat Woman figured out how to get it in the bag and threw it on the front lawn. We watched safely from behind the glass as the bat wiggled its way out of the bag, fluttered around dazed and confused, and eventually flew off into the night.

Hopefully not back into the house.

I have a lot of respect for Bat Woman.

I was a pansy.