Continuing the religious debate

I had a conversation on the way to the airport this morning. No, I’m not going anywhere today. It seems that thanks to yesterday’s post, I have stumbled upon three types of people. Those who think that you can claim a religious affiliation, but pick and choose which doctrine to follow, similar to picking coverage and deductibles on your automobile insurance. Those, like me, who believe that if you claim a religious affiliation, then you subscribe to the set of doctrine handed down by the religious leaders and do your best to follow all of that doctrine. The third type believes that if you say you are Christian—follow the Bible and the teachings of Christ—then it is obvious where you stand on abortion, gay rights, marriage, and any other hot topic.

To me, saying you are Christian is like saying you are a woman. Great, I know what religious genre to which you subscribe, but I don’t know how you interpret the bible. But he thinks that the irony in that story is so very obvious. That you can’t be against gay marriage and pro-divorce. To him, they are the same thing. All teachings of Jesus. I don’t think it is quite so obvious, but I do think it is ironic.

Now the first group of people, those who think you get to pick and choose the parts of the religion that you choose to follow—and I’m not talking about people who make mistakes, making a mistake means that you acknowledge what you did is wrong. I’m talking about the people who think it is okay to go to church and tell God that you believe everything the priest is saying, but at home and in your heart, you don’t believe, and you live a different lifestyle. These are the people that drove me out of the Church. All the fakes. All the people who don’t think about what it is that they are saying every week. Who just think that it is a meaningless ceremony. Then why do you go to church at all? Why do you say you are part of a religion if you don’t believe what they are teaching? This is another reason why I quit confirmation class. I couldn’t lie to God about believing everything the Catholic Church was telling me to believe. God knows I didn’t believe the drivel they were driving down my throat.

And besides, at 15, the priest told me I couldn’t be on the altar because I’m a woman and that I was going to hell for my sins. At that point, I was against drinking, against smoking, against sex before marriage, I hadn’t even kissed a boy. I’d had some bad thoughts, but if God couldn’t forgive me for those, then fine, I might as well start doing something that would make it worth my while to end up in hell.

So now I blog. ;-)


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