Status quo

So far, so good. The Archivist and I checked our bags and were pleasanly surprised the two sets of golf clubs didn’t cost us.

We navigated through security, where Security Guard looked at my photo, looked at me, looked at my photo and then touched the hair behind his ears and remarked that my hair is much shorter. I said that in the last five years it has been every length and every color available. Then he asked me what nationality I am. Surprised, I said United States and then asked if this was a trick question. He said, No, What nationality are you. Oh, Irish. People mispell his name to look like mine, so he wondered what people think he is.

The Archivist says she doesn’t usually have whole conversations with the security guards.

We lunched at Il Fornio Caffe. And then I watched The Archivist get on her plane. We are taking different flights because we couldn’t find another cheapo ticket like my $600 on Singapore, so she took Unites.

My flight leaves an hour later, but I think I can beat her!

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