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Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Meine Schwester and The Archivist left the room to go to the corner market. I was supposed to take a shower while they were gone.

So I went into the bathroom, but couldn’t find any light switches. But I did find this panel on the wall.

So I pressed some buttons and tried turning some stuff, but no lights, no fan. I found the light switchs on the outside of the bathroom. I undressed, but then I heard this weird sound, so I dressed again.

Good thing I did because there was a Korean guy in a guard uniform in the place! He kept asking me questions, but the only word I could understand was cousin, but I kept saying, no, that is my sister. Then he wanted to go to the restroom. I thought that was a little odd, but there was some guy talking to him on a walkie talkie too. So he looked around the bathroom, then went to a control panel on the wall, and radioed back to his friend. Then he asked about my cousin again. I tried to explain that she is my sister, but then realized that wasn’t really important. She must have this card thing he needed.

He played with the panel on the wall and just kept hanging around until Meine Schwester and The Archivist returned. Meine Schwester just starts talking to him and laughing at me. The guard found his shoes and left.

Then Meine Schwester brings me into the bathroom and says, “Can’t you see it says ‘Emergency'”?

Um. Sure?


Arrived safely

Navigated the bus system. Had some dinner. Took a muscle relaxer…zzzzzxxxxxxxx

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