Poll results

I was a bit negligent on reporting on the results of the photo shoot polls. So here they are, the final results.

Your favorite in the first poll was C.

And the winner of favorite comment goes to John McLellan with

C has a sort of “you have no idea what I could do to you” sexiness about it, but also a flair of innocence. I’m not just talking sex here. I’m talking, she look likes like she could rock your world in the bedroom, or hack you up with an axe. THAT kind of sexiness. C wins by a long shot.

Although a close second was Anonymous with

C. Stands for cleavage.

The winner of the dust jacket photo wasn’t as clear cut as the other contest, but Photo A wins by a narrow margin.

My favorite comment here was by @sanguish who wrote the following, before he knew the book was about a woman and her ghost.

The first one is so different than most book jacket shots that I think it’s the best. Haunting eyes.

Although, book topic may be an issue.


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