Seoul: Day 3—Continued. More Photos

I forgot that I have The Archivist’s photos as well. Here are a few of the first three days.

The Archivist making her grand entrance into a palace. That first Chinese word means gate. I don’t know any more than that.

Sisters posing at the palace. We should have been princesses!

Walking around palaces is hard. Can we go shopping?

Our first real Korean meal of the trip. We over ordered. By a lot! But it was exactly like the Korean food I get here in the Bay Area. Nice to know that what I’m getting here is authentic, but kind of disappointed that I was already familiar with it all. Who left that fork in the picture!

The Archivist and a South Korean guard in the DMZ. Just a little more to your left. A little more…

Shopping! Meine Schwester is trying to get a bargain.

Yay! McDonalds! No, we never ate at McDonalds, but I felt better knowing I had the option.

Meine Schwester and friend.

Sisters dressed up for a night out on the town. Yes we are wearing dresses. Do we look related?

What happens when two sisters have two many sangrias? We start laughing so hard we cry. It runs in the family, guys! Now do we look related? ;-)

Intern! Read the end of Seoul: Day 3—Shopping & Dining for more about Intern.


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