Seoul: Day 3—Shopping & Dining

We started the day as typical American Tourists. We went to Starbucks.

I know, pathetic, but we really wanted some caffeine. A little iced, vanilla latte to start the day and deal with the heat. Supposedly, the weather was better than it had been the week before, but I’m still spoiled from the lack of humidity in California. I’m a pansy.

Caffeinated, we hit the markets. After a couple hours, all trinkets looked the same. Typical. But I did pick up a few items. The first was a painting. I didn’t meet the artist, but his wife ran the store. I loved this one for all the pink. I’m trying to learn to like pink. I need to be a better girl.

I was going to barter for a better price, but I didn’t want the frame or matte, so I asked her to take it out. Then I felt bad because I found out that she is the one who frames and mattes them. I explained that it would be difficult to take it on the plane.

Then I ran across this vase. I really wanted the dragon that he was carving into another vase, but he wasn’t going to be finished with that for a while and I couldn’t wait that long. And Meine Schwester wanted a plaque, so she bartered for a bargain.

We lunched at another Italian restaurant. This one was much more normal than the other one we had visited. They had an actual wine list. But we didn’t try the fried mozzarella.

The afternoon was shopping in Itaewan. I found a really cute pair of Tevas. Took me the rest of the vacation to break them in, but they fit great now.

Then we met up with some friends for dinner at Loco Loca in Itaewan. Had to try another Mexican place. I was excited about their sangria, and their food was much more authentic than the place we went to on the first night. Meine Schwester decided to show us her guns.

I might have had too much sangria because my pictures seem a little crooked.

And this was our attempt at matchmaking The Archivist, who had just bought that cute little dress she is wearing. Sadly, my curves were not going to fit into any clothes, so I didn’t bother looking.

After dinner, we headed to Gecko’s for drinks and met up with a couple more friends. At some point, two guys came over and asked if they could sit with us. Claimed something about that being their usual table. They really thought that they were going to hit on Meine Schwester. Boy were they wrong. At least I made her promise no fighting before they started talking. Eventually the guys got pissed off and left.

During the evening, Intern—I always find a new one somewhere—left the table. I should have kept an eye on him because he found his way to the bar and bought a round of these

I scolded Intern, and told him to never do that again, but I also had to admit that it was the best shot I have ever had. I don’t know what it was named, but it tasted like a peppermint patty.


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