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Halloween costume

I kind of failed at getting a halloween costume put together. Last weekend’s costume was “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” I decided that I needed to get some more use out of an old bridesmaids dress. But I had two parties that night, and the first wasn’t a halloween party. So I went to the birthday party wearing jeans and a cute black top, too much makeup, pearls, and sparkly heels. Then when I arrived at the second party, I retrieved the bridesmaid gown from the trunk, pushed back the passenger seat as far as it would go, and changed in my car. No one admits to having caught me doing that. And shouldn’t a bridesmaids dress come off in a car instead? I always get these things wrong.

Tonight’s party was Cirque de Souless and we were expected to go with a circus theme. Having had no time to prepare, I rummaged through my closet and found this outfit. (The dress was the extra one I picked up in Dallas a few weeks ago.) My explanation for this evening was that I was a magicians assistant, although I seem to have misplaced my magician. Trick gone bad.

So, if you know any magicians, I’m looking for an assistant job…


Seoul: Day 5—A walk in the park

I started the day with a run in the park. Absolutely gorgeous day. Did a little over two miles. The park runs all along the Han river and there are plenty of bridges that cross.

A little bit late, Meine Schwester, and The Archivist and I headed out to the Korean Folk Village. We thought we were going to see a fortress wall as well, but the subway took much longer than we thought, and then we had to take a 45 minute bus ride that we didn’t know about. It totally threw off our day. I was a bit grumpy this day, and I’m sorry. It happens.

But Meine Schwester is always good at cheering me up!

Here is one of those things that they carry royalty in using four big guys. The Archivist was the only one willing to take her shoes off to get in and take the photo.

There was live entertainment, like a tight rope walker. This guy was fucking hysterical. If you understand Korean. Which we didn’t.

I originally thought that these guys were waving their streamers with their hands, but then I realized the ribbons are attached to their heads. They would swing their heads around while banging on their drums and defying gravity. Please, try this at home.

The Archivist found these rice snacks. They are covered in honey and sesame seeds. Meine Schwester is demonstrating how to eat them. Sexy, right? Right?

Funny, but the snacks looked a lot like these silk worm cocoons. We watched as a woman spun silk thread from these.

So, after our stressful day riding the subway, a bus, and touring a very empty Folk Village, we headed back to Seoul. We had every intention of going to Seoul tower for the amazing view, but never made it. Ended up going to a Chinese restaurant down the street.

The food was…well, incredible. We thought maybe the cute valet parker told the restaurant to treat us nice. But he denies it. Regardless, we ate more food than we ordered. We ordered a set of potstickers and this is what they brought us.

I loved the way they presented this with the spiderweb top. It was beautiful. And what was even better was that they decided to try out some new potstickers on us. They were filled with tomato, egg, and ham. Breakfast for dinner! Meine Schwester and The Archivist loved them. I ate the original ones instead.

Then the waiter kept bringing us food. I don’t remember what else he brought us other than desert! We weren’t expecting that either. But it was good. I was so excited! It totally made my day!

Meine Schwester still thinks Chinese food should be Panda Express, but I was totally impressed with what we had.

The rest of Day 5 photos are in My Gallery.

Bridge School Benefit Concert

The lineup this year:

Gavin Rossdale of Bush
Wolfmother from Australia
Monsters of Folk with M. Ward
Fleet Foxes
Sheryl Crow
Adam Sandler
Chris Martin of Coldplay
No Doubt
Neil Young

I enjoyed Gavin Rossdale, No Doubt and Sheryl Crow. But Adam Sandler rocked! He sang songs about a seven foot tall man, grandma, girlfriends, and lunch lady land. He ended by singing a duet with Neil Young. He pulled out the old Chaunnakah song! And he covered a couple songs including one by Led Zepplin. Sandler’s act wasn’t as polished, and he kept laughing at himself, but that is what makes him so loveable!

Chris Martin was absolutely brilliant! He embodied everything I believe this concert is about. It was just him and a piano accompanied by an Italian violinist. Raw music and raw talent. The man is amazing. I was captivated! His piano work was incredible. He knows how to interact with the crowd. And he can certainly sing. He ended with a beautiful version of Earth Angel.

Adam Sandler and Chris Martin will be the reason I’ll buy the recording of this night when it hits the iTunes store.

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Can you guess

What these photos are depicting? I took them for my presentation tomorrow.

Weird dream, serious question

Do any anti-abortion groups offer health care to middle and low income women?

I had this weird dream that I was pregnant, had a job but for some reason I didn’t have health care (I really shouldn’t watch the news before going to bed). So I went to some of the anti-abortion groups and they kept offering to take my baby away and give it to someone else, but all I wanted was vitamins and doctors visits that I couldn’t afford on my own. I made just enough money that I didn’t qualify for other programs, but too little to be able to do it without assistance. Then I found myself at the zoo trying to steal vitamins from a pregnant ape. I know, I have weird dreams.

So I woke up stressed out about a situation I’m not in, but curious as to exactly what kinds of health care options these anti-abortion groups provide. Wouldn’t it seem odd if they spend all their funding on propaganda and none on low-payment health insurance plans for low and middle income women who dont want to abort their fetus, but can’t afford to have it without insurance? Do women who have jobs, but aren’t offered health insurance really screwed over as badly as I was in my dream?

Does anyone out there know?

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One of my favorite hiding spots

I have a friend visiting from out of town, so I took him to my not so secret favorite spots in the city.

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Giving back

I miss teaching sometimes. So this week I started tutoring two fifth graders. It was interesting. I’m tutoring them in English. We worked on some grammar and vocabulary today. If they didn’t understand what they read, I had them read it again and try to figure out the meaning of the words they didn’t understand before they looked them up. And then we related the vocabulary words to things in their every day life.

It was a hard hour, but rewarding. Guess I’ll see how it goes.