Sunday retreat

I didn’t realize finding breakfast on a Sunday morning in Dallas would be so hard.

I left the hotel with the idea that I would eventually stumble upon Uptown. Sure enough, I managed to go directly there even without the help of my GPS. Speaking of the GPS, I half expected the Garmin to talk like a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Somewhat disappointed. Our GPS in Korea spoke Korean, so I think it would be amusing if I could change the GPS voice to sound like the locals wherever I am.

I drove down McKinney and saw Bread Winners Cafe which looked promising until I realized it looked like one of those places you take the whole family when grandma is visiting.

So I came down the other side of Uptown and saw a Starbucks. Not wanting to do the easy thing, I took out my phone and searched for breakfast. I got three hits and wasn’t interested. So I searched for coffee. Among the many Starbucks, I found the Urban Dog Coffee. Promising!

I should have checked the website first. Like most of Dallas, it is closed on Sundays. Bummer.

But, right down the road, I saw cars in the parking lot at Zaguán Latin Café and Bakery. Win!

It is this friendly, full-service bakery and coffee shop featuring Venezuelan and Argintinean food and Columbian coffee. I’m enjoying a ham and cheese cachito—diced ham and cheese in a sweetbread roll—and a latte while using their free wifi and escaping from the rain.

It is a very wet day here in Dallas.

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