Weird dream, serious question

Do any anti-abortion groups offer health care to middle and low income women?

I had this weird dream that I was pregnant, had a job but for some reason I didn’t have health care (I really shouldn’t watch the news before going to bed). So I went to some of the anti-abortion groups and they kept offering to take my baby away and give it to someone else, but all I wanted was vitamins and doctors visits that I couldn’t afford on my own. I made just enough money that I didn’t qualify for other programs, but too little to be able to do it without assistance. Then I found myself at the zoo trying to steal vitamins from a pregnant ape. I know, I have weird dreams.

So I woke up stressed out about a situation I’m not in, but curious as to exactly what kinds of health care options these anti-abortion groups provide. Wouldn’t it seem odd if they spend all their funding on propaganda and none on low-payment health insurance plans for low and middle income women who dont want to abort their fetus, but can’t afford to have it without insurance? Do women who have jobs, but aren’t offered health insurance really screwed over as badly as I was in my dream?

Does anyone out there know?

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