Halloween costume

I kind of failed at getting a halloween costume put together. Last weekend’s costume was “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” I decided that I needed to get some more use out of an old bridesmaids dress. But I had two parties that night, and the first wasn’t a halloween party. So I went to the birthday party wearing jeans and a cute black top, too much makeup, pearls, and sparkly heels. Then when I arrived at the second party, I retrieved the bridesmaid gown from the trunk, pushed back the passenger seat as far as it would go, and changed in my car. No one admits to having caught me doing that. And shouldn’t a bridesmaids dress come off in a car instead? I always get these things wrong.

Tonight’s party was Cirque de Souless and we were expected to go with a circus theme. Having had no time to prepare, I rummaged through my closet and found this outfit. (The dress was the extra one I picked up in Dallas a few weeks ago.) My explanation for this evening was that I was a magicians assistant, although I seem to have misplaced my magician. Trick gone bad.

So, if you know any magicians, I’m looking for an assistant job…


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