Fire! Fire!

I’m sitting on the couch here at home trying to get some work done before I get into the office. Pablo jumped up beside me to squeeze into the five inches I left him between me and the arm of the couch. Suddenly I see smoke coming from my laptop!

I immediately went into rescue mode! I yanked out the power cord, flipped the computer over, pulled out the battery and tossed each separately on the floor to see which one sparked.

Nothing happened.

So I felt them both. Neither seemed hot.

All I can guess is that my cat had stepped into some of the carpet powder I had sprinkled down a day ago, but must not have vacuumed all up. So when he jumped up next to me, a plume of white powder rose from his toes.

At least that is what I’m going to assume since I can smell baking soda and my computer seems fine.


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