Pearly whites

Someone asked how it is that my teeth are so white. I’d like to pretend that they are just that way naturally, but I’d be lying. I have a nasty red wine habit, and a new vanilla latte addiction. Not as bad as smoking, coffee, and colas, but still not good for the color of my teeth.

For at least the past two years (possibly longer), around Halloween, my dentist—Griffith Family Dental—has run a special. For a $300 donation to the Alzheimer’s Association, they made molds of my teeth and fit me with a whitening tray and gave me a supply of Poladay.

The deal was actually a 2-for-1 special, so I was also given a coupon to give away. And the payment was made directly to the Alzheimer’s Association website. I couldn’t pass up the deal to get white teeth and use it as a tax write off.

I can’t tell you if those scammer ads for getting white teeth work, but I do have proof that Poladay does.

(Note bene: I am endorsing this product of my own free will. I have received no kickbacks or gifts from Poladay.)


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