I left JFK Airport for the first time ever!

I’m scared of NYC. I’ve been here once or twice, but never flew in and never tried to take public transportation. I’ve been to the airport too many times to count. And I love coming here to JetBlue’s T5.

At 7 am, I dragged my drowsy ass off the plane. I followed signs for the AirTrain. I arrived at Jamaica Station. I bought a ticket for the LIRR, but I forgot to buy a ticket to get me out of the AirTrain. Same problems I have in SF sometimes.

I boarded the train to Penn Station moments before the door closed. I lucked out because it was an express.

I did miss the 8 am train to Albany, but it gave me time to get a NY style bagel from Zaro’s. I’m not thrilled. The cream cheese just seems lacking. Otherwise, it seems just like the bagels I get at work, only more expensive.

So here I sit in the waiting area. Women keep glaring at me because wearing boots and a heavy sweater was a little too much, so I took off the sweater. In the middle of NY where everyone is bundled up, i’m just wearing a tank top. I considered taking off the sweater when I was on the train and holding onto a pole. Thought a Wednesday morning strip tease might be in order, but it didn’t seem sexy to take off a bulky sweater.

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