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Rehersal reception

The hotel let us crash the billiards room to practice recepting. I had fun playing with the groom’s gift from the bride—a Nikon D90. I need a speed light.

This is just an iPhone shot. But is this how billiard balls are stored? We were confused.

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No spark

After the rehersal dinner, it seemed the groom had lost the spark…in his car. So we gave him a jump.

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Feeling old

Found Uncle Sam at Brown’s in downtown Troy.

Asked the waitress what Brown’s was between now and when it was Brown and Moran’s. She said, “My mom still calls it Brown and Moran’s.”

I have never felt so old.

I have missed this place. I missed the Cherry Rasberry Ale. I missed the Spiedes. I missed walking into the kitchen thinking it was the bathroom.

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