What I’m missing

I finally realized that what I miss the most is flirting. Good old-fashioned flirting.

The other day, I went on a date. It happens sometimes. I don’t actually tell you all everthing. This blog is like the iceburg hit by the Titanic—just scratching the surface.

So I went out with a guy I met online. He was very flattering. Overly so. So I went out with him to find out if he is always like that or if it is just an online persona.

He is always like that. I’m trying to learn how to deal with flattery. So instead of shying away or making excuses, I just thanked him. But I knew it wasn’t going to work out because I didn’t try to flatter him back.

There is a big difference between flattery and flirting. If I am flirting, you will know it. I touch my neck, I twirl my hair, I use double entandras. All the standard signs. If you are on the sidelines, you will probably be uncomfortable and tell us to just get a room. It has happened before.

I don’t flirt here. I only know a couple people who know how. And I’m not allowed to flirt with them anymore. Geeks don’t flirt. Flirting requires something that geeks don’t have. For example, Coxswain Ballerina is (temporarily) working in a bakery. A guy walked in and asked her for half a dozen.

“Cupcakes?” she asked.

“Unless there are five more of you!” he quipped.

Yes, it is cheesy, but I don’t even get that. Hell, at this point, I’d probably fall for that.

The bartender just asked how long I am staying. I explained I’m here for just the night.

He asked where I was going. It took me too long to think of the answer so he thinks I’m lying. But he still asked me to skip my flight and stay another night.

Cheesy, but appreciated. I need to break out of the tech crowd. I have only one guy to flirt with right now and he is practically ignoring me. Which is hot in it’s own way. But that is another disfunctional topic. And I don’t want to lie to Bartender, so it is sleepy time!


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