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Which one are you?

Eighteen People You’re Scared Of on Facebook

And which one am I?


Where’d you go?

The sea lions have left San Francisco’s Pier 39. There were 1500 of them last month, and today, only 10. It sounds like they had a bad Thanksgiving dinner.

This made me think about odd animal migrations, which reminded me of the Great Migration of Penguins a few years ago in the San Francisco Zoo. The zoo took in six Ohio penguins that convinced the San Francisco penguins to migrate, making their pool a whirlpool for two weeks.

I mentioned this to the bartender last night and he told me about Gay Penguins. Googling it today, it seems that a gay penguin couple was broken up this summer at the San Francisco zoo by the conniving Linda after she left her long-term mate for an older male who subsequently died.

I’m still curious, Sea Lions, Where’d you go?

Surprise ending

I’ve been so productive over the last few days. Painted my bedroom, cleaned out my closet, and gone through a bag full of mail that I’ve ignored for a couple months.

Then I went to Sent Sovi for bbum’s continued birthday. Sadly, this required showering and putting on clothes that I hadn’t been wearing for days.

Because of the extrodinary effort I had put forth for dinner, I decided to go out after. So I went to my new favorite Irish pub for a pint of Guinness.

I paid the bartender for the pint because I would not be staying for more than that one. Then the bartender decided he and I would do a shot of whiskey.

Then the guys beside me decided I would do another. I traded it for another Guinness.

And now, three drinks later, I’m home at 2 am.

I guess it is vacation.