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Lily Mac’s Irish Bar and Restaraunt

I have been looking for my very own Cheers bar. The kind where everyone knows your name. (Although Brother K reminds me that none of the regulars in Cheers were female. How sexist!) I think I might have finally found it at Lily Mac’s on Murphy Street in Sunnyvale.

I have visited three times. The first time, I was there to write Goodbye and Goodnight, Uncle George. I had three Guinness—one for me, one for Uncle George, and one for Dad. Sorry, but I couldn’t bear to drink Dad and George’s drink of choice—Budweiser.

That night I also sampled the cuisine. We had a bit of a mixup, as I had asked Fiona for Steak Bites and Fries, but she had entered Shepherd’s Pie. A totally reasonable mistake. And it was fixed immediately and without hassle. And I have to say, the steak bites with the pesto dipping sauce were fabulous!

I returned a week later, again on a Monday night, to see if I still liked the place when I wasn’t typing madly on my computer before the battery died. Sure enough, I love the way that they have decorated, although I will agree with others that the acoustics are a bit echoey for my taste, it is still a great looking pub. They do need to add coat hooks under the bar though. I had only gone in for a pint, but stayed almost til closing after two pints and a shot of Irish whiskey.

On my third visit, tonight, I brought a couple friends. Michael, the bartender from the second visit recognized me by name. Tonight, I had the Pear and Arugula Salad, although the arugula had been replaced by salted spinach. It included a strong blue cheese, and I have to admit, it was the best salad I have eaten in a while. I devoured it. And I think it didn’t stray too much from my new year’s resolution, although the two Guinness certainly did. Good news is that I should be able to burn it off by running two miles in the morning.

So when you get a chance, stop by Lily Mac’s. Maybe if enough people tell them I sent them, then I can earn some free pints or something. ;-)