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Quiz Night

Not that I want you all to know where I’m hanging out, since I have an unsubstantiated fear of stalkers, but I have to share because I’m so excited about it. Lilly Mac’s on Murphy Street has started Pub Quiz Night on Wednesday nights at 7:30. I was here, with an unsuspecting date, for the first one. Poor guy didn’t know what he was getting into, but he took it in stride when he walked in and I told him to hush up so I could hear the questions. I swear, I’m not competitive.

Anyhoo, it was a blast. Made me think of the couple times I went with Pocket Watch Man to quiz night in Windsor, England while I was working there. Of course, I absolutely failed at British pop culture, but it was so much fun!

So please, come out and play!


My faith in humanity has been restored

I was going to tell you all about how I was driving home one night and turned the corner to find a guy trying to push his car out of the road and up the inclined driveway. I pulled Myrtle over, hopped out and ran as fast as I could in four-inch heels. By the time I got there, a bicyclist had stopped to help, and another guy came up behind me. It took four complete strangers to get the car into the driveway. The guy parked, thanked us, and we were all on our way within minutes.

But then, I got an email from Wedding Singer. He regaled me with a story about watching a big rig sideswipe his friend’s truck. How he then used his 10-year-old Spanish skills to translate between the Guatemalan truck drivers and the police. How the driver didn’t want to call his insurance company, so Wedding Singer helped him transfer money. But the driver was completely legit and the insurance was picking up the bill, and the police had given the driver three tickets when he only deserved one. So Wedding Singer called the police and tried to fix the mistake. And then he woke up the next morning and went with the Guatemalans to traffic court and pleaded their case for getting out of the two extra tickets. And then he got the money back from his friend and sent the Guatemalans on their way.

And my story paled in comparison.