Archive for February 13th, 2010

Birthday party FAIL

I tried to go to a birthday party in the city. I got all dressed up. Drove up. Hit traffic. It wasn’t too bad.

Then I tried to find parking near Pacific & Hyde. On the hills. I drove around the block. Around a bigger circle. I drove around for an hour.

And then I quit. I wad tired and hungry and bitchy. Even if I did find parking 10 blocks away, I would not be a party girl after climbing those hills in four-inch heels.

So I drove home.

Got to Lilly Macs just as the kitchen was closing. They took pity on me and made me dinner anyways. Shephard’s pie and a Guinness later and I’m feeling much better.

But I’m sorry I missed the Party at the Pacific. Public transportation was going to take 2 1/2 hours each way, but after three hours in my car for nothing, Caltrain/Muni seems like it was the better option.


Green thumb

I was excited yesterday to find that my orchid is about to bloom for a second time! I’ve never gotten an orchid to bloom again. Usually their leaves die and fall off. I’m one of those people that real orchid growers wish they could ban from ever purchasing another orchid. But this time I’m doing okay. My other orchid is also doing well, although not reblooming. Maybe a little orchid fertilizer will help.

Reasons I don’t live in New England

This tree bloomed at the end of January. Since then, I have been spending Saturday afternoons in the backyard with Mitsy and Perl. Perl chases squirrels. I read the newspaper or a book. And Mitsy? Well, Mitsy paces and stops occasionally to sniff something. Truth is, I don’t know what she is doing. But Perl almost caught a little bird that was losing a fight with a bigger bird.