My favorite flowers

Great Grandmother would be so proud. I’ve finally come to appreciate flowers. As if you couldn’t tell from my obsession with posting pictures of trees blooming in February. Part of the reason is also because I never saw flowers on trees in Maine other than apple trees. So many trees here flower!

In the last few weeks, I’ve started picking up flowers at the farmers market to suppliment my strange assortment of plants. The way I pick plants is that the ones that survive my sporatic watering live and the rest die. I have a Swedish ivy that has been with me since college. I’ve left it with friends and taken only a clipping and it keeps thriving. Mainly because it looks sad when it needs water. My mourning doves have been contemplating using their old nest in it again. I should water the plant before the birds lay eggs.

I’ve tried a couple kinds of flowers. I have these crazy tulips right now, but they have bent way over and I don’t think they are going to last. I need to get some taller vases.

I love the color of irises. They’ve done well in the past. But my favorite so far, despite the mess they leave, are lillies.

I used to hate lillies because of how smelly they are. But the odor detracts from the smell of wet dog. And it would help cover the litterbox smell, but The Archivist assures me there is none. She feeds Mitsy and Pablo sometimes and is so impressed with the Feline Pine that she has started recommending it to her friends. That says something when a person with no pets recommends a cat litter!

This latest batch of lillies is amazing. Potent beyond belief, they are slow to open. I bought them Saturday and only one has opened so far. I will certainly get two weeks out of them. Long lasting, they are also able to handle their own weight, which is important because I seem to be lacking tall vases. I didn’t see any in Goodwill when I looked through the window this weekend. I was hoping to find something vintage.

In other flower news, one of my orchids has four new open blooms. It has been amazing to watch it grow every day. I don’t notice until I leave and come back in the morning. It is making me think I have a green thumb, so I now trying to get my other orchid to bloom a second time. Wish me luck!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Barry on February 24, 2010 at 9:30 am

    We have a tall vase and our tulips drooped anyway. I think that’s just what tulips do. You could get wide-diameter straws to put around the stems and prop them up. Or just take cool pictures of sad, droopy tulips like you did.


  2. Yes, I love stargazer lilies as well. I get them periodically. I just love the smell.


  3. Posted by Mom on February 24, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    The Tulips are “Parrot” tulips! yes they need a tall vase to hold them or leave them in the garden! You should look in 2nd hand shops as well! Lubs ya!


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