We won!!

We finally won our first pub quiz night! After coming in second, and then third last week, we won by three points this week. We even aced a quiz about names of people from the bible used by rock bands. The answer to the first question (Judas Priest) we guessed after hearing the title of the quiz and before heating the question. The last question we managed to guess right. Do you know which book in the old testament is alphabetically first and the name of a female rock pianist? No fair googling!

And the best part, besides Lilly Macs giving us $50 off our bill for coming in first, is that I’m in bed by 2230.



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  1. Posted by hazelgr on February 25, 2010 at 2:54 am



  2. Winning at pub trivia is indeed a cool thing. The best I’ve ever done, ever, was 3rd. I think our “team” won a free pitcher of beer for the NEXT time we played trivia. So, the next week we ordered a pitcher of craft beer, and proceeded to suck at trivia for the rest of that night. Haven’t come close to even placing in the top 5 at pub trivia since. Good work!


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