Easter competition

Spent the day with my Maine family. The day turned into one competition after another. It started with a soccer game in the house because it was raining. Then an exhilarating nerf war. It was horrible. Nerf carnage everywhere. No one was safe. I even shot a toy puppy. I have amazing aim with a nerf gun. The war ended by starting a game of Monopoly something. Someone turned monopoly into a card game. It took a couple rounds, but I finally won and attempted to leave on a high note. For a while, it was just the adults. And unlike last night when I made a comment about the 70’s being a little hazy and the kids all looked at me with a mix of horror and disbelief that I even existed in the 70’s—I was actually the youngest at the table today. Not by much, but it was something.

Of all today’s carnage and competition, the pinnacle was mastering fluid dynamics by rocking the oversized golf ball onto the tee. I never did succeed, but both Sock and Disaster Seeker mastered the Executive Globe of Eeeeee-vil.

I will be back! And next time I will conquer all! Mwuahahehehehehehe…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by The Joneses on April 5, 2010 at 8:33 pm

    Disaster Seeker . . . I like that!


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