Good party, rough morning

Rolled over in bed this morning and tried to look at the clock, but my bedroom was full of fog. Oh. Um. No. I just forgot to take my contacts out before going to sleep.

Rubbed my eyes enough to see the clock and saw that it was already 0830. Guilt about walking the dog kicked in and I decided to wake up.

Turned on my cell phone to read my email and saw that my phone lived in a different time zone than my clock. That was when I remembered that my alarm clock is one of those fancy Brookstone clocks that knows about time zones and daylight savings time but doesn’t know that the government changed the dates for daylight savings time. So I had to temporarily put it in another time zone. Guess I can change it back now.

Rolled out of bed to find that neither my knee nor my back had magically healed last night while I was dancing in four-inch heels. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea, but I couldn’t help myself. And maybe I should have traded Rocket Scientist’s caipirinhas for muscle relaxers.

Blew my nose and saw the remains of the ashes I had breathed. Clearing my nose allowed me to realize I smell like a campfire.

I’m going to walk the dog and go back to sleep for a few hours. Maybe I’ll do better waking up the second time.


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