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Visual To Do List Results

I did not make apple pie. Nor did I get through my mail box. But I’ve done the rest, and now I’m doing some work. It has been a really long day.

Cat food put away

Made organic blueberry muffins. Had to ride my bike to the grocery store to get eggs because mine were bad.

Cut up some organic strawberries in some yogurt

Took out the garbage and the recycling

Cleaned the litter box

I vacuumed and mopped

Re-potted plants

Cleaned out the bird shit

Made red cabbage and sweet potato salad

Made pickled radish

Five loads of laundry

Dishes done

Finally painted the doorbell. Needs a couple more coats.

Oh, and I walked the dog four miles today. I need a nap.


Visual To Do List

It is that time again. I have no one else to keep my house in order, so even though I have a lot of work to do today, I also need to spend some time doing chores. The pets aren’t doing it. Here is what is in store for today.

Make blueberry muffins

Put away cat food


Sort mail I've ignored for a month

Clean out bird poo from cat carrier

Re-pot trees so I can move them for the maintenance work this week

Work work

Laundry. Yes those are my pajama pants. Hot, right?

Vacuum. Regardless of the bad spring weather, my pets are shedding.

Ask me if you really want to know

Make apple pie

Clean litter box

Take out trash

Palace Cafe

Perl and I have started a new Sunday morning tradition. We walk to Murphy Street and I sip a vanilla latte while blogging. Perl protects me from the street. She isn’t much of a guard dog. And with the street still under construction, it is pretty empty on Sundays. But we’ve had a few visitors. No letters though. A big weightlifter type, the kind who has no neck and walks around in tank tops and shorts when it is only 50 degrees, just stopped to ask if I’ve ever eaten here.

Yes, I have. It is excellent. Especially pancakes for breakfast. And great salads for lunch. And the coffee is good too. So are the mimosas. And pastries.

He said he’d be back to try it some day.

Earlier, a man in his sixties wearing spandex rode through on his bike singing at the top of his lungs. I can’t remember the line now, but it was funny when it happened. Maybe I’ll remember in a couple hours.

A tall, lanky gentleman just stopped to pet Perl. He is now sitting with his coffee and a book on the other side of the entranceway. Perl doesn’t understand why he doesn’t come back to pet her. I wonder how long he will be able to stand the smell of the cigarette butt holder next to the table. Perl an I had to move from that table earlier.

Now my coffee is gone. Time to walk home and make some blueberry muffins.

Ferie sighting

Every morning and every evening as I “walk the dog” past the place where Ferie used to sun bathe, I look for him. For almost two weeks, I haven’t seen him and decided he must have crawled off into the ivy to die.

Then Thursday morning I saw him. The cat with no tail. He was sitting in the sun behind the car that de-tailed him. He looked at me and Perl and then he blinked. That slow blink a cat does to show that they have deemed you are not a threat. Out of respect, I did not let Perl jump at him as she always does. And Perl never really saw him anyways.

When we returned from our walk, Ferie was gone. All I was left with was the idea that I might have just seen a ghost.