Bleeding heart, take two

I cry at series finales.

There I admitted it. I’m pathetic, and I know it. But I don’t cry for the usual reasons.

I don’t cry because the show is ending. I don’t cry because the characters won’t exist in my life anymore. I don’t cry because of the scripted touching moments.

I cry because these actors have been working together for years. They have bonded. They are like family, not to me, but to each other.

Watching a series finale is like watching a high school graduating class. I used to cry at graduation too. Not because I would miss the kids—I do miss them, but I understand they must move on—but because of the pain they are enduring. They are excited and nervous about their futures, but sad to leave their friends and family behind. Overwhelming emotion.

It is easy to forget what that feels like when graduation was so long ago. We all learn to live with constant fluctuation. People come and go from our lives. But there is something eruptive when everyone leaves together.

I taught high school for seven years. I thought time would dull my sensitivity to it, and it did dull my personal emotion, but it didn’t weaken my empathy.

So I cry because there are a couple hundred people with each show like Lost and 24, who will no longer see each other on a regular basis. Their lives all changed with their last shows. Their futures hold great promise and great uncertainty. Fear, excitement, and a sense of loss all bottled up together.

Overwhelming emotion.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Sue on May 25, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    You are one smart cookie, K., and a lovely, lovely writer.

    I am looking forward (with joy/trepidation) to the next Ferie sighting.

    As for your visual ‘to do’ list…Why would a camera lens be a part of that list?

    auntie S


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