Ferie update

Perl and I saw Ferie tonight. She (not a “he” as I previously thought) is back to guarding her corner of the complex. The Author says that Ferie snubbed her for about 10 days, but she has started eating again and everything is back to normal.

Everything except Ferie’s missing tail.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Poor Ferie. And the fact that he’s only a stray because his owner moved and ditched him? I think you should hunt down said owner and remove one of his appendages so that he knows the pain he has caused his poor kitty.

    Sorry, I don’t take animal abandonment lightly!

    Though Ferie reminds me of a stray cat I knew in New Orleans who hung out near my building. I named him Charles. He had a broken tail — broken right at the base where it met his body. It just hung limply and dragged behind him wherever he went. He couldn’t feel anything. It was the cat equivalent of a giant dread lock or something.


  2. Cats can’t be killed by conventional weapons. This post, as well as Ruby’s comment, have proven this! (Make no mistake, I’m sad when animals suffer, but I’m simply glad that the cats SURVIVED. Animals bring lots of joy to the world, even without their tails.)


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