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I am obsessed with airports

If you have ever watched “Up in the Air,” I am the George Clooney character. For most people, airport terminals are a necessary evil to the process of transporting themselves from Point A to Point B. For me, airport terminals feel like home. I love the hustle and bustle. I love the emotions that hang in the air as thick as the San Francisco fog. I love the stories, because everyone has one.

San Jose had an open house today for their new terminal, so I just had to go. I met up with Second Chair and The Hawaiian Hottie, and we thought that we’d spend an hour learning about the artwork. Instead, we spent five hours, posing for pictures, drinking in bars, and joyriding through the new wing.

See the photos in my gallery.

When we “checked in”, I asked if it was okay to take photos. They said yes, so I did, although I did choose to avoid taking photos of the security checkpoint.

We spend the first hour posing for photos. And looking at the artwork. And then we found a bar. So we posed for more photos and had a beer. The woman next to us had flown in to see her daughters who are students at UC Santa Cruz. She asked if we go to school there because we were talking about playing beer pong. I explained that I haven’t been an undergrad for 15 years, but thanks. I told her she couldn’t be possibly old enough to have a daughter in college, let alone two. She appreciated the compliment.

On our way to the next bar, The Hawaiian Hottie said something to the guy driving the airport golf cart and he told us all to hop in. Things were pretty quiet at that point, so he gave us our own personal tour of the terminal. I asked how fast he could get that thing moving and he said he’d love to show us, but couldn’t. As soon as we found some real passengers, we hopped out so he could go back to work.

Then we found the second bar for margaritas. And sports. Watched the Red Sox win as well as the USA mens volleyball team against Finland. Talked with a couple who were pounding a drink before catching their flight to Las Vegas. Chatted with the bartender about the ebb and flow of people throughout the week. It comes down to this: fly Saturday, avoid Thursday.

He gave us a tasting of local wine, and we ordered appetizers. I had no idea how we managed to spend five hours wandering the airport, but it passed quickly.


Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

In my office tomorrow.

Invisible cat

So you think Pablo is already invisible. Well, another brushing session and Pablo is feeling svelt, but I’ve removed fist-sized clumps of fur. Soon he might be more than just invisible. How much more fur can I take?

(Almost) Perfect Pizza

Second Chair came over tonight to help me finish last night’s bottle of wine and start a new one. And we made an amazing pizza! Still not quite perfection, but getting better all the time. Just need more practice!

Today is the best day of your life!

[Note bene, I write this with great trepidation. The last time I wrote a post like this, I unexpectedly took a flight home the next day.]

That is what my daily self-help calendar read two Saturdays ago. I kept it around because so far that is the most truthful thing I have read. And I think that every day is the best day of my life. Some more than others.

Today is one of them.

It started with a relaxing day at work. I know the words “relaxing” and “work” don’t usually go in the same sentence, but in this case it is true.

I left early for my golf league’s tournament. Sadly, Cupcake is on vacation, so she couldn’t play with me. And my favorite Golf Duo were playing too early, so I went stag. I met up with the other top golf duo and had a fantastic round of golf. Well, a couple of holes really sucked, but I got a bogey and my first birdie!

I got home early, just in time to watch Wedding Singer on ustream. He plays online every Tuesday at 7pm Pacific. There is a live chat that goes along with the video stream, so we can all converse. He totally made my night when he played a song that I was the fourth person to hear during my first “personal concert on a Wednesday”. Sadly, it did not make it into the recording, so I still can’t share it with you all. I think the reason I love Wedding Singer’s music is that I can relate to it. This song in particular struck a chord with me.

Even though it was a sad song, I had to dance.

I watch the Tuesday Nightcap by playing it on my Mac Mini, projecting the video on my tv and sending the audio through my speakers. I do this so that I can make dinner while watching, and because the audio is so much better. There is no hope for the video.

I opened a bottle of wine. I looked for something that wasn’t too good, since it was just me. But it turns out I opened an amazing bottle! A little sweet for red, but it was smooth and gorgeous. I drank it while I made a stir fry and rice.

Then I started in on the apple pie. I blended and rolled out the crust, peeled and cut the apples, and added a little lemon and vanilla for fun. I’m running low on my homemade vanilla. A Martha Stewart special. Slice two vanilla beans vertically and put them in a mini bottle of Absolute. Good stuff!

The pie smelled amazing, even before I put it in the oven! I used the pie dish that I bought in Bozeman. With the leftover crust, I made little cinnamon rolls that were delicious, but not pretty enough for photos.

I “walked the dog” again while the pie was baking. The stars were shining bright. The plants with the firework blossoms were so touchable that I couldn’t help but run my palm along their petals. We arrived at home just in time for the sprinklers. I looked at Perl and said, “Run!” We ran through the sprinklers as if we would melt. I giggled the whole way. If you’ve never seen a Dalmatian smile, you haven’t lived! Perl had a big grin on her face and was shaking off the water as she skipped up the stairs at super speed.

And now I sit with Pablo, while the pie cools in the kitchen. It is emitting the most incredible smells of cinnamon and nutmeg.

I’m trying to decide if I should eat some now while it is hot, or save it for morning.

If only that was the hardest decisions I ever had to make!

OK Go at WWDC 2010, could I be any closer?

I’m pretty sure you can tell from the photos where I was standing for tonight’s concert. I’m definitely not complaining. ;-)

Blue screen

In the elevator