OK Go at WWDC 2010, could I be any closer?

I’m pretty sure you can tell from the photos where I was standing for tonight’s concert. I’m definitely not complaining. ;-)


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  1. Posted by breadwild on June 11, 2010 at 2:54 am

    Cool. Wish I could have been there. Great shots from your new G4!


  2. Posted by JennyHP on June 11, 2010 at 7:39 am

    Awesome closeness! Nice pics of Damian’s shoes. ;o)


  3. Posted by Jonathan Wight on June 11, 2010 at 8:47 am

    Nice crotch shots


  4. Pics are unreal. From an iPhone? Ugh. I’m a Verizon customer and sadly, it’ll be awhile until they open up the iPhone market for Verizon. Til then, I will longingly look at your pics of shows and dream of rocking out to a kick ass band, whilst taking pics of them with a cellular telephone that has a better built in camera than most digital cameras…


    • Yes, it is my iPhone. My 3G iPhone. Not even a 3GS. And I thought the crotch shots added some nice artistic framing. Bet the guys next to me with the fancy cameras didn’t get any of those! ;-)

      A friend of a friend told a story once. He’d gone over to a couple’s house for a dinner party. He brought his iPad to show off his latest photographic adventure. Upon seeing the incredible photos, the host’s wife said, “You must have an amazing camera!”

      The guest smiled and the evening continued. When it was time to go, the guest stood in the doorway thanking the host and his wife for a terrific evening. As he turned to leave, he complimented the host’s wife on her fantastic cooking and said, “You must have an amazing set of pots and pans!”

      Almost everyone has a voice, but not everyone can sing as sweetly as you, McLellan. I just did what I could with the tool available. ;-)


  5. Bless you, K, and seriously, cool pics. You get to drink good drinks, eat good food, and see lots more music than I do. You live a semi-charmed kind of life. Good freakin work.


  6. Whatever, dude! You get to PLAY a lot more music than I do! =)

    I think you are just jealous that they aren’t pictures of your package. ;-)


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