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Today is the best day of your life!

[Note bene, I write this with great trepidation. The last time I wrote a post like this, I unexpectedly took a flight home the next day.]

That is what my daily self-help calendar read two Saturdays ago. I kept it around because so far that is the most truthful thing I have read. And I think that every day is the best day of my life. Some more than others.

Today is one of them.

It started with a relaxing day at work. I know the words “relaxing” and “work” don’t usually go in the same sentence, but in this case it is true.

I left early for my golf league’s tournament. Sadly, Cupcake is on vacation, so she couldn’t play with me. And my favorite Golf Duo were playing too early, so I went stag. I met up with the other top golf duo and had a fantastic round of golf. Well, a couple of holes really sucked, but I got a bogey and my first birdie!

I got home early, just in time to watch Wedding Singer on ustream. He plays online every Tuesday at 7pm Pacific. There is a live chat that goes along with the video stream, so we can all converse. He totally made my night when he played a song that I was the fourth person to hear during my first “personal concert on a Wednesday”. Sadly, it did not make it into the recording, so I still can’t share it with you all. I think the reason I love Wedding Singer’s music is that I can relate to it. This song in particular struck a chord with me.

Even though it was a sad song, I had to dance.

I watch the Tuesday Nightcap by playing it on my Mac Mini, projecting the video on my tv and sending the audio through my speakers. I do this so that I can make dinner while watching, and because the audio is so much better. There is no hope for the video.

I opened a bottle of wine. I looked for something that wasn’t too good, since it was just me. But it turns out I opened an amazing bottle! A little sweet for red, but it was smooth and gorgeous. I drank it while I made a stir fry and rice.

Then I started in on the apple pie. I blended and rolled out the crust, peeled and cut the apples, and added a little lemon and vanilla for fun. I’m running low on my homemade vanilla. A Martha Stewart special. Slice two vanilla beans vertically and put them in a mini bottle of Absolute. Good stuff!

The pie smelled amazing, even before I put it in the oven! I used the pie dish that I bought in Bozeman. With the leftover crust, I made little cinnamon rolls that were delicious, but not pretty enough for photos.

I “walked the dog” again while the pie was baking. The stars were shining bright. The plants with the firework blossoms were so touchable that I couldn’t help but run my palm along their petals. We arrived at home just in time for the sprinklers. I looked at Perl and said, “Run!” We ran through the sprinklers as if we would melt. I giggled the whole way. If you’ve never seen a Dalmatian smile, you haven’t lived! Perl had a big grin on her face and was shaking off the water as she skipped up the stairs at super speed.

And now I sit with Pablo, while the pie cools in the kitchen. It is emitting the most incredible smells of cinnamon and nutmeg.

I’m trying to decide if I should eat some now while it is hot, or save it for morning.

If only that was the hardest decisions I ever had to make!