No blood letting for me today

I tried to do a random good thing this morning. As I was dropping off my dry cleaning, I noticed that there is a blood drive happening on campus today. So I decided to just do it before I changed my mind.

Answering all the questions made me dizzy. Mainly, looking down for any period of time makes me light-headed because of my ear surgery a few years ago. It sucks, but I’m used to that.

Then a cute guy brought me into his little makeshift office to ask me personal questions. He could ask me anything he’d like!

Well, he started asking about all my travels. Mexico City for the Swine Flu, not a problem. England during the week they discovered Mad Cow Disease, fine because I haven’t eaten three months worth of beef there. So what was it that kept me from giving blood today?

The DMZ.

Most of where I went in Korea was okay. Seoul. Jeju-do. But that bus tour up to the DMZ makes me not eligible to give blood for a year.

I’ll try again in October!


One response to this post.

  1. UNREAL. Can’t give blood for a stinking YEAR cuz of the DMZ? Un. Freakin. Real.


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