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10k steps a day

There is a movement for taking 10K steps a day. I’ve been using the pedometer and it seems that a typical day at work with two dog walks easily gives me 10K steps. Today, I also played 9 holes of golf—I carry my bag—which gave me an extra 6K steps and burned 600 calories. That earned me enough wiggle room to be able to eat three slices of my homemade pizza! Turns out my pizza is just about 260 calories a slice. Not great, but not horrible either. It is very low salt and has lots of low cal herbs and veggies. I’ll try making the thinner crust again since I’m always over my carb limit.

The app I’m using also shows me vitamin a and c, iron and something else. I’m not doing a good job at getting my vitamins. Good to know because now I can do something about it!

No weight results until next week.


Personal alarm clock

I know it is time to wake up when I start having ridiculous dreams. Yesterday, I was bringing my golf clubs with me on vacation to Maine until someone told me it was February. And I had a conversation with a friend I needed to contact in real life.

This morning, I had to stop by the school I used to teach at. The faculty were having a party. I showed someone my phone and we traded for the day. Then I was told that my high school biology teacher was there and I should show him my phone.

I searched everywhere for him in this weird castle like building the party was in. Finally found him and I dropped about 20 years and was a giggling, shy high school student again. He hadn’t aged. I started rambling on about how someone had told me I need to show him my phone, so I typed in the password, but was nervous and it was wrong, but it worked anyways. Confused, I tried again. Then I really looked at my phone and saw there was a hardware keyboard. What? How did that happen? Oh yeah, I’d traded with someone else for the day.

Realizing the absurdity of the situation, I woke up.

I do wish that I talked in my sleep like Sleep Talkin’ Man.