Visiting iDad

And trying out my new speedlight. I’m starting to figure it out. See the originals in My Gallery.

Here is iDad with his new hat and shirt.

Sadly, I’m In The Shower is a little out of focus.

Here is the bottle of Vanilla Stoli that I’ve been working on for a couple years now. Another visit and it will be done.

I found the Coole Swan they had hiding. If you are in Ireland or New York, I highly recommend picking up some of this.

Aren’t these the cutest measuring cups?



2 responses to this post.

  1. Which speedlight did you get?

    I’m thinking about getting one for my D5000…the built in-flash sucks in general and can’t even be used with my wide-angle lens, and when I borrowed a friend’s and used a flash diffuser for the first time (it was a lightsphere), I fell in love. I’m just not sure which one to get…the teeny SB-400 looks like a winner for the size over the SB-600, but the tilt limitation kinda sucks to bounce off walls/ceilings..


  2. It is the SB-900. Gigantic, but I love it. Not something I will use all the time, but great for shots I’m willing to set up.


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