Aunt Fran’s Burial Weekend

Please see my MobileMe Gallery for the full album of this weekend’s photos. Here is a sprinkling.

On Friday, Mom picked me up at iDad’s house and we drove to Bangor to meet up with Sparkles, Life Partner and the two little ones for lunch at the Ground Round. Guess we haven’t been there in over 18 years because the kids play area is gone now.

This one is The Devil. Doesn’t she look adorable?

When we arrived in Dover-Foxcroft we immediately stopped at Bob’s Sugar Shack because I’m out of maple syrup and there is no better place to get maple syrup than Maine!

Amazingly enough, the weather was absolutely perfect all weekend. I went swimming Friday afternoon and the water was actually warm! Who knew! The family there now has a pontoon boat. Perfect for wine and cheese hour! Here is a picture of the white camp and the yellow camp from the water. As you can see, the white camp lost its porch. Oops. The yellow camp is the one that they have been renovating. I haven’t had a chance to help much in the past few years, but the inside is looking fabulous and I love having running water, electricity, a bathroom and a kitchen. No tv, phone, or internet allowed!

And, yes, I know they are both yellow. But one used to be white and one used to be yellow and the older generation still refers to them that way. Unlike the brown camp, which is actually brown. The green one belongs to our neighbors.

Friday night we went to the Bear’s Den for dinner. I did not have any of the Game Specials, but I knew if I didn’t have a picture then you all wouldn’t believe me. I forgot to take a picture of the lobstah rolls at McDonald’s or the signs that say “Get your italians here”.

The matriarch of the family at the head of the table at dinner.

Saturday morning, I was awoken just in time for sunrise, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures. Really wish I’d had my tripod with me.

Late Saturday morning, we buried Aunt Fran. Yes, that is a bean pot. It actually contains both Fran and Norman. Every Friday night, she would fill a bean pot with beans to soak for Saturday dinner. We thought it was only fitting.

After the burial, and after dinner the night before, and before going to Boston on Sunday, we stopped at Butterfield’s for homemade ice cream.

I had the Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Doe, and the Kineo Karmel Kup that is too new to be on the sign yet.

No photos, but Saturday afternoon was lunch followed by wine and cheese and swimming and then dinner. I’ll have to start over on my diet. Last night we had drinks by the campfire while watching for more shooting stars and admiring the Milky Way once again. This morning The President and I kayaked out to the narrows and back while Brother K slept in. It took us a little over an hour. When I wonder tomorrow why my arms hurt, please remind me.


2 responses to this post.

  1. “there is no better place to get maple syrup than Maine!”

    Oh, please. Now I’m wounded. ;-)


  2. I really appreciate that you genuinely seek out the “local” and “adventurous” places in each locale that you visit. There’s nothing wrong with a Dairy Queen, but very rarely are memories made in places like that. It’s always the “Butterfields” of the world that give us those memories.


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