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What’s the story behind the car you drive?

That is the question I listed on the dating site I’m currently exploiting. I decided to use that as an icebreaker because

1. Most people have a story.
2. It is a non-committal question.
3. Guys like cars.

The thing is that a car can tell a lot about a person. For most people, it is one of their first large purchases and they don’t do it lightly. If it is something that is taken lightly, I’m curious what they don’t take lightly.

The make and model of the car says a lot about the person’s personality. Is he compensating for having a small…? Does he have any sense of design and style? Does he make irrational purchases and spend too much money just to show off?

And for that “small” thing, I was going to say a “small sense of self worth”. Get your heads out of the gutter.

I really hate being materialistic, but I do make judgements about people based on their car. We all do. You have different expectations of what the car in front of you will do based on what it is and how well it is maintained. You are just using your expectations to avoid accident instead of avoiding bad dates.

I used to have a seafoam-green, four-door, Honda Civic with no extras. No power windows or locks, no a/c, no passenger side mirror. I’d bought it years before because it was a practical car. Economical. I thought I’d be getting married and having kids and it was fuel efficient and reliable.

Then, after seven years, my relationship ended.

And I decided to move back to CT.

My Civic was unbelievably dependable, but I needed a change in personality. I needed fun and excitement. And I needed to bring a little bit of California back with me to Connecticut. So I brought the sky. I bought a Beetle Convertible.

Her name is Myrtle. Myrtle the Turtle. She is everything my Civic wasn’t. Adventurous, playful, exposed to the elements and the world. No one ever talked to me in the Civic. Now I have conversations at stop lights. Bad pickup lines. Jealousy. Comments about how my dog and I in the car look like a commercial.

I had two requirements. It had to be a stick shift, and it had to have seat heaters. So I compromised on the color. You have no idea how hard it is to find a chick car with a stick shift.

My car purchase was because I needed a change in my personality. I needed to end one stage of life and move into the next. I used to be this quiet, mousy girl. Dependable, but not memorable.

Hard to believe, right?

So, what kind of car do you drive and why? What’s your story?