What’s the story behind the car you drive?

That is the question I listed on the dating site I’m currently exploiting. I decided to use that as an icebreaker because

1. Most people have a story.
2. It is a non-committal question.
3. Guys like cars.

The thing is that a car can tell a lot about a person. For most people, it is one of their first large purchases and they don’t do it lightly. If it is something that is taken lightly, I’m curious what they don’t take lightly.

The make and model of the car says a lot about the person’s personality. Is he compensating for having a small…? Does he have any sense of design and style? Does he make irrational purchases and spend too much money just to show off?

And for that “small” thing, I was going to say a “small sense of self worth”. Get your heads out of the gutter.

I really hate being materialistic, but I do make judgements about people based on their car. We all do. You have different expectations of what the car in front of you will do based on what it is and how well it is maintained. You are just using your expectations to avoid accident instead of avoiding bad dates.

I used to have a seafoam-green, four-door, Honda Civic with no extras. No power windows or locks, no a/c, no passenger side mirror. I’d bought it years before because it was a practical car. Economical. I thought I’d be getting married and having kids and it was fuel efficient and reliable.

Then, after seven years, my relationship ended.

And I decided to move back to CT.

My Civic was unbelievably dependable, but I needed a change in personality. I needed fun and excitement. And I needed to bring a little bit of California back with me to Connecticut. So I brought the sky. I bought a Beetle Convertible.

Her name is Myrtle. Myrtle the Turtle. She is everything my Civic wasn’t. Adventurous, playful, exposed to the elements and the world. No one ever talked to me in the Civic. Now I have conversations at stop lights. Bad pickup lines. Jealousy. Comments about how my dog and I in the car look like a commercial.

I had two requirements. It had to be a stick shift, and it had to have seat heaters. So I compromised on the color. You have no idea how hard it is to find a chick car with a stick shift.

My car purchase was because I needed a change in my personality. I needed to end one stage of life and move into the next. I used to be this quiet, mousy girl. Dependable, but not memorable.

Hard to believe, right?

So, what kind of car do you drive and why? What’s your story?


5 responses to this post.

  1. I drive a 2010 Ford Escape, but it’s not the why, it’s the how that makes for a good story.

    I’d wanted an Escape for several years, but I was still trying to get my money’s worth out of the 1998 Ford Exploder… er, Explorer. I’d been saving up for years — since my first internship in 2004 — to pay cash for the Escape, but since quite a bit of my income went towards airfare to visit a certain handsome man, it was slow going. Well, August 2009 introduced the Cash for Clunkers program. All of a sudden, my Exploder was worth $4000 instead of the KBB value of the less than $2000 to trade in. That combined with a family discount (my uncle works for Ford) meant that I had enough money to buy a new car, and I was NEVER going to get that kind of a deal again. So the day before my sister’s wedding — which is a really bad time to make such a major purchase — I drove off the lot in a brand new shiny red Escape, and left my poor Exploder there to die a horrible, painful death.

    The Escape’s name is Lightning — not for speed, but for the discharge of electricity every time I touch the door while getting out. And what they say about lightning never striking twice? It’s a lie.


  2. CivllSarah, your story is hilarious. Lightning. That’s funny stuff.

    K, your story is WAY cooler than mine.

    I drive a burnt orange Chevy Aveo that has frat boy wheels, a tail fin and a sun roof. I drive a lot (80k miles in just under 3 year so far) . It was the only car on the lot that got over 30 miles to the gallon and had both AC and cruise. The color is a hideous orange, so it’s nickname is TANG.

    And yes, people say stupid shit like, “how much load can you dump in the rear of TANG” and, “do you rod the piss out of that TANG?” I politely say, “it’s not TANG cuz of POONTANG, fuckers, but cuz the color reminds me of the orange drink I so enjoyed as a youthful lad on adventure filled summer days.” My pervert friends don’t believe me. I cry myself to sleep a lot.

    I wanna read other stories of cars now. Come on people, get ’em up!


  3. Posted by Yo momma on September 2, 2010 at 6:10 pm

    At this point in time, I’m driving a 98 VW Jetta-K2 edition…. that is often known as “K-s” car since he ordered it after his graduation… took it off the lot with only 6 miles on it and knew more about it than the salesman! Hey the kid did his research… but 3 years later and the lease was up… and some one was living in cramped parking area of Boston… and his Momma needed a car- (not telling what happend to the last one) So Yo Momma borrowed the lovely blue VW and then a year later paid off the loan… and now at 180,000 is hoping to get at least another 40K out of it… before she has to break down and find something to ride into retirement! And it still gets over 30 mpg- well most of the time but especially when La Pepere` is driving… or is it Le Pepere! hmmm


  4. 2008 Miata PRHT (Power Retractable Hard Top)

    Why? I’ve had two others and they’ve been very dependable. They’re also fun and considering the crap in my life, when I’m able to get out, I want a bit of fun.

    My only requirement was the stick. The hard top roof that retracts was a bonus. The only change I made was put in a decent stereo head that really worked well with the iPod (the Mazda one just doesn’t).


  5. 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX. Why? I made the mistake of driving one back in grad school, and I’ve been leg humping that car ever since. When I started dating Vincy (who drives a Mazdaspeed 3), it was only a matter of time until I bought a car that could keep up with hers.


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