Financial Planners

I forgot to mention in my previous post how financial planners get paid.

The first discussion we had was about how they are paid. There are two types of financial planners, those you pay, and those who work on commission. Quan and Shinta work on commission from the products that they sell me. Of course, I get to decide on whether or not I accept those products. For example, I bought the life insurance, but they couldn’t find me a better deal for auto/home/umbrella than I already had. The more referrals they get, the better chance they have of selling something, and so, the more they can make me happy, the better their chance of getting referrals. Thus, I’m a happy customer, so I’m telling you all about their services. I didn’t have to pay a thing for their help.


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  1. It’s awesome when their incentive is to kick as much ass as they can for you, as opposed to selling products that only make “the man” money.


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