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Fall Colors

Every year, East Coasters ask again, “Don’t you miss the fall colors and crisp weather?”

No, no I don’t. East Coasters mistakenly think that all of California is like San Diego. It isn’t. It would take me almost 8 hours (of driving the speed limit) to drive to San Diego.

We get seasons in Northern California, but they are much more muted than the extreme ranges experienced by the East Coast. Our fall includes leaves turning colors and dropping, however, instead of it all happening within a two-week “leaf peeping” season, it takes almost two months to lose all of our leaves. And they do change color. Each species of tree changes color at different times. It seems that the maples are turning right now. I call the Japanese Maple the Firework Tree because the leaves are amazing colors and range from green to yellow to orange to red all in the same tree.

Here are some more of the wonderful trees that are turning this week, and one of the best parts is that when the trees are losing their leaves, others things are growing!