Last night’s dream

The one on Friday morning was bizarre too, but I forgot to write it down, so you will have to do with this one.

Noah Wyle invited me and a couple of guys to his mansion up in the hills for a party. I was coming off a previous dream and was wandering aimlessly through fields and winding roads when he found me. We walked off through a field and up a large hill to the estate.

He forgot to mention that he lives with his mom and grandma and that the mansion is haunted by his father who used to be the teacher in the school-house room in the mansion and the old invalid who owned the mansion.

We drank and ate and watched a movie. Noah Wyle asked me how he could get more people to come to the estate. I tried to come up with ideas for making his parties more interesting. We all drank too much and had to stay the night because we couldn’t drive down the windy, creepy road. I woke up in the morning in a panic because I had to walk the dog, but during the night, the creepy butler had gone to my house and brought my dog to the mansion. I was beginning to think I could never leave Hotel California.

Then a stylist showed up to cut Noah Wyle’s mom and grandma’s hair. Noah Wyle decided I needed a haircut too, so he helped by chopping off large chunks of my locks with dull scissors.

The stylist didn’t have time to do my hair, so I was stuck with the chunky pieces. I tried to leave so I could go get it fixed, but it was suggested that Noah Wyle and I take a walk of the estate with the caretakers, who happened to by Dr. Painless and his wife. Dr. Painless was telling us all about the history behind the old mansion, how the old man who owned the house never had any kids of his own, but many of his nieces and nephews and grandkids had grown up there when abandoned by their parents. That was when the school room had been built with its beautifully handcrafted wooden chairs and desks. Noah Wyle’s dad had been hired as the teacher, and their whole family had moved in. Noah Wyle’s mom had taken care of the old man as he was dying, so he left the estate to them. This had pissed off the butler, who thought it should be his, and even though no one told me, I think Noah Wyle’s dad had died of mysterious circumstances and that the butler did it. I also think the butler was spiking grandma’s drinks and making her go crazy.

We wandered outside and through the woods until we came upon an overpass and a chain-link fence. Dr. Painless explained that these are the grounds of an old carnival. As he said that, we heard noises from behind the concrete pillars and looked through the chain-link fence to find a group of old carnies having a fighting match. They all looked like they had been homeless for years. Or that they might be ghosts. The ring leader was wearing a tattered and stained long red coat. Beside him was a man in a wheelchair and a bearded lady. The three of them were egging on the two guys fighting, one of which was in a wheelchair too, and the other had one leg and was holding his peg leg in his arms, swinging it wildly at the guy in the second guy in the wheelchair.

This is when I decided the dream had gotten too weird and I should wake up.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I always wondered if you did heavy psychotic drugs. Now I know. You must. Freaky dreams my friend, freaky dreams!


  2. I don’t. But I kind of wish I did because then I’d have an excuse for these whacked-out dreams.


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