Today’s Dream

I went into R-zilla’s hotel suite. He was in the bathroom getting ready to go on his honeymoon. I was writing him an email message on my phone to ask him a work question. Then his bride came into the room and I saw how hot she looked and deleted the email. When he came out of the bathroom and asked what I was up to, I told them I was just there to wish them good luck on their trip.

In the room was a young kid, so I sat with it for a little while while R-zilla and his Bride gathered a few things, but not everything. I think they were coming back to the suite in a day. They were in a rush, but I said I’d lock up.

I gathered some of my stuff and left. The hall was overgrown with ivy. When I met up with them and the kid, there were a couple other people, including my friend, S. S and I started catching up. We walked down these endless corridors that also went through a golf course and I wondered why I wasn’t playing golf today. And we met this guy who seemed kind of cute, but a little boring. And there was another couple I kept avoiding but kept following us.

I remembered that I hadn’t locked the room, so I excused myself and went back. It looked like someone had committed and cleaned up a murder while we were gone. I tried finding all my stuff so I could get out before the cops came, but found myself laying on the floor watching tv. The cute guy came in and I decided he wasn’t so cute, so I used the tv as an excuse not to make out with him. Then S was there trying to clean up, so I asked her to go to dinner with me.

I told the two of them I’d be out in a minute. As soon as they left, I went back to lying on the floor watching tv in the dark. The couple I was avoiding came in and started getting it on. I cleared my throat loudly and ineffectually. So I shouted, “Excuse me!”

I told them they could have the room as soon as I gathered my things. I fumbled around and picked up my stuff and left them with a room full of bloody towels and the entertaining thought of them having to deal with the cops. Sure, my fingerprints would be there, but it would take a while to get to fingerprints and they would be suspected now.

I smiled and woke up.

Now that I’m awake, I’m guessing my next move would be an anonymous call to the cops.

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One response to this post.

  1. I wish you had either, 1)the access to turn your dreams into short films, or 2)friends who have big budgets and need bizarre stories for short films.

    Make my wish come true, K. Do it for me.


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